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The Tabernacle - Present Day
The Old Tabernacle built circa 1934
North Alabama Presbytery
Rev. Floyd Willis, 2nd Assistant Superintendent; Rev. Glen Studdard, 1st Assistant Superintendent; Rev. Mark Willingham, Superintendent;
Rev. Gary L. Watts, District Secretary and Rev. Michael Murray, Assistant District Secretary
By magnifying and exalting the Lord
above everything else, by loving and
honoring Him in everything that we say
and do, and by using our God-given
callings - individually and collectively -
we, as the North Alabama District of the
Congregational Holiness Church, will
work together as one to edify the
Church, stiving together for the measure
of His fullness in order to fulfill the
Great Commission given to us - to win
the lost at any cost!
"Trumpeting the Message of the Cross to the World"
Mission Statement for North Alabama
by Superintendent Rev. Mark Willingham
Exalt Christ - Psalm 34:3
Edify the Church - Ephesians 4:11-12
Reach Out and Win Lost Souls - Mark 16:15
Welcome to
the North Alabama District
of the
Congregational Holiness Church Inc.
3475 Possum Trot Road
Piedmont, Alabama 36272