June 2018
Youth Awareness Month

Clean up day before Youth Camp and Health Inspection. Suggested week
of June 4 – 9, 2018. We need to have it totally cleaned by Saturday, June
9, 2018.  Below is a list of the area(s) that will need to be cleaned.  If
there is a problem please let one of the presbytery members know. We
appreciate the unity and support to complete the task at hand. If anyone
desires to lend a helping hand in any of theses areas – please contact the
director of these departments and they will be glad to have the extra help.  
Below are the area(s) that will need to be cleaned by the specified

Christian Education – Cafeteria
E&HM – Boy’s Dorm (Rooms 11-20)
Men’s Ministries –Concession Stand
Women’s Ministries  - Preacher’s Cabin & Boy’s Dorm (Rooms 1-10)
World Mission – Girl’s Dorm

Youth Camp 2018 – June 17 – 21, 2018. Rev. Matt Rustin will be this
year’s youth camp speaker.  Evening services will begin at 7:00 PM each
night.  Pre-registration now until June 2, 2018 is $75.00.  Registration
after June 2nd will be $80.  Price includes 3 meals each day, a t-shirt, and
an off campus activity.

North Alabama Congregational Holiness Church
Christian Education Department
Piedmont Springs, Piedmont, Alabama 36272

May 8th, 2018

Pastors, Youth Pastors and congregation,

Greetings from the Christian Education Department, this announcement is a few weeks
early but we felt like it would be necessary due to the 2018 Youth Camp quickly
approaching us.  We hope and trust you and your congregation has been praying for our
department.  Enclosed is an application and the rules for the 2018 Youth Camp, please
make copies for your young people.  Our June rally will be June 2nd 2018, at 6 pm; early
registration for youth camp will be the same day from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm.  We trust you
will be prepared for the children from your church attending to register that night and save
five dollars by registering early.  This year’s fee will be the same as last year $75.00 per
child (children of the workers will be $32.00 rounded down to make it simple) after early
registration the fee will increase to $80.00 and $35.00 for the children of the workers.  If
you would like to make a donation on the t-shirts that would be awesome but not
necessary, every child will receive a t-shirt.  Please feel free to contact any board member
if you have questions or concerns, it just seems impossible to get all the information you
may need for your child in one letter, do not hesitate to contact us.  We appreciate you all
very much.  This year we will be doing a field trip for the juniors and seniors.  The junior
will be going to the museum in Anniston and the seniors will be going to the bowling alley
in Anniston.  We must have a permission slip on your child, otherwise he or she will not be
able to attend under no circumstances.  

Helpful hints

•        One check from your church for each child registering (but it is not necessary)
•        Cash is okay as well
•        Entire application and permission should be filled out
•        Your youth rally attendance (25 under/26 over) and offering
•        If you have members of your congregation working he/she as well should fill out an
application as well especially an emergency contact name and number (we need an
account of everyone who will be staying on the grounds)

Please again, do not hesitate to call us from any questions, any concerns, we love and
appreciate you all.

God bless,
Rebecca Hester

You can click on the links below and print off the
applicaiton and permission slip.

Youth Camp Application

Youth Camp Junior Off Campus Permission Slip

Youth Camp Senior Off Campus Permission Slip
For those who wish to meet with the North
Alabama Presbytery. There will be a
pre-conference meeting on Saturday, July
14th at 9:00 AM CST at Piedmont Springs  
Our Annual Conference will be Saturday, July 21, 2018 at 9 AM CST at
Piedmont Springs Campgrounds.
Our annual dues will need to be paid at this confernce.  
For licenses the annual fee is $50.00.
For all cabin, mobile home and RV spot the annual fee is $100.00.