Applications, Forms & Vouchers

Please make note of the new secretaries name and address:

Rev Tim Smith

86 Jiles Rd

Carrollton, GA 30117

Please send all church report forms to him beginning Oct , 2010

Download and print as needed.

2009 Discipline PDF version {Must have a PDF program to open this file}

2009 Discipline Word version {Must have MS Word to open this file}

Expense Voucher

Mail Out Labels for Avery Labels.pdf

Minutes January 2009.pdf

Monthly District Report Online

{Please follow the instructions on the instructions link below and not the one's

 on the bottom of the form. We have changed the process}


(The License Application is 4 pages, so download all 4 pages for the complete package)

 This is page 1>Application for License or Ordination Page 1

This is page 2>Application Page 2

This is page 3>Prior Marriage Form for Application

This is page 5>MIP Application

Click on form, then type in information, print,

 remit for required signatures, then bring the completed applicable forms along with your sponsor(Pastor) to the Friday night Presbytery meeting that is usually held before the July or Conference.

Your pastor must appear with you!

(We will not proceed with the process unless your pastor is present!)

(License/MIP Forms are to be mailed to the MIP Director)

Rev William Strickland

604 Taylor Ave. SW

Jacksonville, AL 36265 



The MIP form is not the same form as is the application for license form.

Please make sure that you first fill out the application for license form  and later on,

after approval has been grant from the

 presbytery, then you may proceed with the MIP form.

The MIP program is a study course that one engages in after one has been

set aside for the preaching of the gospel by the district presbytery.


Click below for more information about obtaining a license to preach from our NACHChurch

NA CHChurch Ministerial Internship Program

{You must be a member of a North AL Congregational Holiness Church & in good standing to apply for a license}

There also is a cost associated with the MIP program.

One may only make application for license at the January or July Conference!

The licensing process will not be started until all fees have been paid in full.

After the program is completed a yearly fee will be assessed.

Failure to pay will result in loss of credentials.

MIP Information

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