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Piedmont Springs Campground History

Celebrating 78 years of ministering to the churches in North Alabama & Georgia

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In July 2010 we will celebrate 78 years of being a centralized meeting place named Piedmont Springs Campground.

The services for the first two years were held under a large tent.

A large, wooden open air tabernacle was constructed later.

The Old Tabernacle built circa 1934


Old Tabernacle after a brick wall was added to the back side circa 1970's




The Tabernacle 2010


Enjoying the Fellowship

Parking Lot circa 1930's


When the campground was first constructed, the campers would travel  from many miles around the Piedmont area; some from

over a 100 miles away (which was miracle within itself given the dependability of vehicles and the condition of roads back in that era)

and "camp-out" in their vehicles or sleep under small tents.

Cabins were eventually constructed giving the campers a more feeling of permanency.


Cabins circa 1930's


Most of the cabins today have modern conveniences, such as running water, septic systems, electrical power, and air conditioners.

The original cabins did not have these utilities.

The cabins are privately owned by members, with a fee

paid each year for utility usage.

The first cabins were constructed of crude cut lumber (As seen in the above photo)

 with the more modern cabins being constructed of concrete blocks or milled lumber. (As seen in the photo's below)

Cabins 2010

New Cabin Being Constructed in 2008



Old Boy's Dorm circa 1983

The old boy's dorm had become too much of a maintenance nightmare, so in 2005 the constituents of the North AL District

 voted to fund and construct a new boy's dorm which consists of about 20 rooms

which doubles as a motel for campmeeting guests.

 New Boy's Dorm under construction 2006

 Construction Continuing 2007

Building Completed 2008

Inside view of a completed Room


All the streets within the campground are paved and lighted with a full time caretaker living on the

 campground in a nice home that is provided by the district.


A nice, fully furnished cabin is also provided for the evangelist.


The land the campground resides on was donated in 1932 by Sister Rosa Downey pictured above.



"Dinner on the Ground"

Snack Stand 2010

A hamburger stand occupies the area behind the boy's dorm which provides

comfort food for the late night campers and a covered eating area to devour those scores of calories

while enjoying some relaxation and after-service fellowship.

There also is a fully staffed cafeteria for the campers who may wish to dine on the camp ground. 

Breakfast & dinner are both served for a small donation which goes towards paying the workers.



Cell phone service is very limited due to the location of the campground being nestled in the foothills of the


 beautiful Appalachian Mountain range which are part of Piedmont, but a standard phone is available for emergencies.

Any and all are welcome to attend one night, or the entire week of our upcoming campmeeting.

Services begin at 10:30am CST and 7pm CST daily.


"Old Fashioned Gospel Singing Performed "Live" Each Service by Local Artist"

 Our choir still sings the songs of Zion from the old "red back"  Church Hymnal!

"We are old-fashioned and proud of it!"


Our address is 3475 Possum Trot Rd

Piedmont, AL 36272

Click here for Mapquest driving directions

Our Superintendent, Rev. Mark Willingham invites all to attend!

 Tobacco is not permitted at our campground


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The Congregational Holiness Church North Alabama District is a Non-Profit  Corporation  registered in the state of Alabama

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