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This department also serves as the coordinator of the Minister's Internship Program (MIP)




Evangelism & Home Mission Committee

Rev. Jason Tidwell

Rev. Darlen Burton

Rev. Marcus McIntosh

Rev. Hollis Martin

* * * * * * * * * *

Dr. Mark Green, Liaison Officer

District Coordinator

Rev. Jeanette Fisher

201 Hickory Lane

 Jacksonville, AL 36265

(256) 435-8985


North Alabama Congregational Holiness Church Evangelism & Home Missions










As we look all around us,
All the fields are white,
They're ripened unto harvest,
Yet so quickly comes the night.
Christians must get busy,
There's so much work to do.
Here's an urgent task awaiting you.

Souls are crying, men are dying,
Won't you lead them to the cross.
Go and find them, Please help to win them
Win the lost at any cost.

Check your fold, my christian brother,
See if all your children are in.
Are there some still straying in the
Blackened fields of sin.
You must go out and win them,
Go quickly without delay,
Soon the trump of God shall end the day.

Go out and win, rescue from sin,
Day's almost done, and the battle's almost won.
Souls are crying, men are dying,
Win the lost at any cost.





God Bless America!
















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