NA CHChurch CE Youth Photo Page

This page is dedicated to Sister "Nanny" Boots.

"Sister Boots has celebrated over 50 years of teaching & working with the NA Youth Camp!"





"We're really in charge!"


"Styling & Profiling"


"Everybody will be happy over there!"


"Getting Ready"




"Will this really help?"




"Who ya'll hollering at?"


"Where's the fire?"


"Wet Ones"


"Has anybody seen the tooth fairy?"


"All that clean water, but the mud is much more fun!"


"Tomorrow's leaders, Today's wet heads"


"Look mom....we're clean"




"Slip Slidin' Away"




"Giddy Up Horsey!"


"Towel or Turban?"


"An alternative to Ritalin"


"Frown or Upside down smile?"




"I didn't do it!...I Promise!"




"Shirt Sorting 101"


"The view from our front porch"



"Mud Rasslin"




"Sippy cup time"


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2009 CH Church Discipline  {Must have a PDF program to open this file}

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Royal Rangers

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What We Believe & Why

Women's Ministry

Worldwide Headquarters

World Missions





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