The Congregational Holiness Church serves in 34 countries around the world. There are
approximately 7000 overseas churches and missions with over 10,000 workers. Workers are
trained through Extension Education Training. The World Missions Department supports
orphanages. Bible schools, church construction projects, and national workers. They provide
vehicles for national leaders and are engaged in an extensive Bible distribution program
around the world.  The City of Refuge street kids orphanage in Honduras is a facility to feed.
clothe, evangelize, and educate the many homeless children in San Pedro Sula. Active
opportunities exist for individuals to minister on the foreign field through MOBIL (Missions
Overseas By Involving Laity) construction and medical teams. The World Missions and
General Christian Education Departments jointly sponsor youth mission trips. The Executive
Director of World Missions administers the overall world mission program of the
Congregational Holiness Church.
North Alabama Congregational Holiness Church, Inc.
North Alabama World Mission Board
Rev. P.D. Wheeler, Jr., Director
Sister Retha McRae, 1st Assistant
Brother Ronald Smith, 2nd Assistant
Rev. David Hufstetler, Secretary/Treasurer
Rev. Helen Wynn, Secretary/Recorder
North Alabama's

Rev. P.D. Wheeler, Jr.
1894 County Road 69
Centre, Alabama 35960


  • Encourage participation in prayer and funding for
    World Mission by visiting all the churches in the
    North Alabama District of the Congregational
    Holiness Church, Inc.
  • To help bring revival to the Distict and General
    World Mission Departments of the Congregational
    Holiness Church, Inc.
  • Help reap the end time harvest of souls both
    locally and globally.
  • To work in harmony and unity with other
    deparments in North Alabama to edify the church
    and equip the saints.